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Found Puppy

who's talking here?

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Kayfar15 --- 346 days ago -

Found Rottweiler mix puppy near Kingwood Park HS this morning. She was almost hit by several cars so we took her in. She is very sweet and cute. If you are the owners please contact me. 

KWSAS --- 344 days ago -

My son found a male Rottweiler mixed puppy on his way home from Kingwood Park yesterday. I am wondering if these two puppies are related. 

Joe Blow --- 344 days ago -

Sounds like a litter was dumped. 

Kayfar15 --- 344 days ago -

Sounds like it! Have you had anyone claim the male puppy yet? 

KWSAS --- 344 days ago -

No. I sent you a message with my number to you so we could compare pics. He is not chipped and he has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. He does not seem like he feels well so hopefully the vet can doctor him up.

Anyone interested in a rott, lab, shepherd, hound mix puppy? How is VERY SWEET! 

gunsnroses --- 344 days ago -

Kingwood appears to be a favorite dumping ground for dogs. Hopefully these puppies don't have parvo (incubation is several days) to spread around Kingwood. BARC needs to do a better job picking up strays in KW especially with rabies in the area. 

gunsnroses --- 344 days ago -

Get ready to see one of the local rescues trying to sell this puppy in the near future IF it survives. Only problem there is no one knows the history of the parents like aggressive temperaments, hip dyplasia or other genetic diseases. Possible huge vet bills down the road for the unsuspecting family buying this puppy from a rescue. Be especially cautious when considering a puppy or dog mixed with aggressive breeds if you have children or elderly in the home. 

gunsnroses --- 344 days ago -

Another Pit bull attack posted on foxnews this morning. Pit bull killed 6 month old child in its walker; dog had been fine with the family for 9 years. Never under estimate what can happen; so very tragic for this family. 

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