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Fire and Fury

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jackass --- 316 days ago -

Cowards block.?

It's what the left does when confronted with facts they don't like.

Soup and facts have never met... 

jackass --- 316 days ago -

BB loves fiction!!

Bestie, is your neck sore from looking the other way yet? 

Butterbean --- 316 days ago -

Read page 10 for yourself, Bob. Then write your own thoughts  

Joe Blow --- 316 days ago -

Bestie, is your neck sore from looking the other way yet??


Butterbean --- 316 days ago -

The prelude to healthcare legislation:

Bannon, joining Walsh in a pitiless contempt for the White House effort, targeted Kushner, Cohn, Priebus, Price, and Ryan in a series of calls to reporters. Kushner and Cohn could, per Bannon, be counted on to run at the first sound of gunfire. (Kushner, in fact, had spent much of the week on a skiing holiday.) Priebus mouthed Ryan talking points and excuses. Price, supposedly the health care guru, was an oafish imposter; he would stand up in meetings and mumble nothing but nonsense.

These were the bad guys, setting up the administration to lose the House in 2018, thereby assuring the president's impeachment.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 316 days ago -

LOL....Look. BB keeps repeating the same thing over and over expecting something different to happen. You know what that's called, right? 

jackass --- 315 days ago -

It?s the other way around bob....hate to break it to ya. 😂 

Butterbean --- 315 days ago -

Read page 10 for yourself, Bob. Then write your own thoughts  

SoupIsGoodFood --- 315 days ago -

Page 10. Must be the only page in the entire book with actual facts. 

Joe Blow --- 315 days ago -

Kim said that there was "no point in having nuclear weapons" now that the GOP has stolen his idea of destroying America.


Prolix Raconteur --- 315 days ago -


Butterbean --- 315 days ago -

Healthcare's aftermath and the beginning of the mass exodus:

After the bill had been pulled that Friday, Katie Walsh, feeling both angry and disgusted, told Kushner she wanted out. Outlining what she saw as the grim debacle of the Trump White House, she spoke with harsh candor about bitter rivalries joined to vast incompetence and an uncertain mission. Kushner, understanding that she needed to be discredited immediately, leaked that she had been leaking and hence had to be pushed out.

On Sunday evening, Walsh had dinner with Bannon in his Capitol Hill redoubt, the Breitbart Embassy, during which, to no avail, he implored her to stay. On Monday she sorted out the details with Priebus - she would leave to work part time for the RNC and part time for the Trump (c)(4), the outside campaign group. By Thursday she was gone.

Ten weeks into the new administration, the Trump White House had lost, after Michael Flynn, its second senior staff member, and the one whose job it was to actually get things done.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House 

Butterbean --- 314 days ago -

Healthcare failed; Bannon must be the cause:

Trump saw the health care failure as his own failure, but since he didn't have failures, it couldn't be a failure, and would in fact be a success, if not now, soon. So Bannon, a Cassandra on the sidelines, was the problem.

Trump rationalized his early embrace of Bannon by heaping scorn on him, and by denying that he had ever embraced him. If there was anything wrong with his White House, it was Steve Bannon.

Maligning Bannon was Trump's idea of fun. When it came to Bannon, Trump rose to something like high analysis: "Steve Bannon's problem is PR. He doesn't understand it. Everybody hates him. Because . . . look at him. His bad PR rubs off on other people."

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House 

Butterbean --- 313 days ago -

The WH staff 4 months after the inauguration, Bannon is headed out the door, but not yet. Jared and Ivanka have been elevated to new positions:

In April, an email originally copied to more than a dozen people went into far wider circulation when it was forwarded and reforwarded. Purporting to represent the views of Gary Cohn and quite succinctly summarizing the appalled sense in much of the White House, the email read:

It's worse than you can imagine. An idiot surrounded by clowns. Trump won't read anything, not one-page memos, not the brief policy papers; nothing. He gets up halfway through meetings with world leaders because he is bored. And his staff is no better. Kushner is an entitled baby who knows nothing. Bannon is an arrogant prick who thinks he's smarter than he is. Trump is less a person than a collection of terrible traits. No one will survive the first year but his family. I hate the work, but feel I need to stay because I'm the only person there with a clue what he's doing. The reason so few jobs have been filled is that they only accept people who pass ridiculous purity tests, even for midlevel policy-making jobs where the people will never see the light of day. I am in a constant state of shock and horror.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 313 days ago -

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday said a story involving him in the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, to be released Friday, is ?a complete fabrication, literally from beginning to end.?


Emperor of Kingwood --- 313 days ago -

However, New York Times star reporter Maggie Haberman got her hands on an advanced copy and called it ?thin but readable? and made it clear that she didn?t believe everything Wolff claimed.

?Several things that are true and several that are not. Light in fact-checking and copy-editing,? Haberman tweeted. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 313 days ago -

Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake noted that most of the excerpts were unbelievable before adding, ?Some of it, literally so.?

Blake pointed out, ?Wolff has taken some of the most gossiped-about aspects of the Trump White House and put them forward as fact ? often plainly stated fact without even anonymous sources cited.? 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 313 days ago -

Wolff, for example, writes that Thomas Barrack Jr., a billionaire friend of Trump?s, told a friend that Trump is ?not only crazy, he?s stupid.? Barrack on Wednesday denied to a New York Times reporter that he ever said such a thing.

Washington Post 

jackass --- 312 days ago -

Bob hates this threatening. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 312 days ago -

Nope, neither hate or feel threatened. What I do hate and feel threatened about is the continual liberal destruction of this great nation. 

Joe Blow --- 312 days ago -

The only place I see fire is in the color of Trumpty Dump's hair dye.


jackass --- 312 days ago -

I love how the ?conservatives? run everything but the destruction of the country is the ?liberals? fault, ever think that maybe neither side is doing any good and start voting for some independent candidates? Nah too risky to your version of the status quo...keep voting for the same old career politicians but expect different results. Insanity. 

Butterbean --- 312 days ago -

How do you get information to someone who doesn't read:

The unique problem here was partly how to get information to someone who did not (or could not or would not) read, and who at best listened only selectively. But the other part of the problem was how best to qualify the information that he liked to get. Hope Hicks, after more than a year at this side, had honed her instincts for the kind of information - the clips - that would please him. Bannon, in his intense and confiding voice, could insinuate himself into the president's mind. Kellyanne Conway brought him the latest outrages against him. There were his after-dinner calls, the billionaire chorus. And then cable, itself programmed to reach him, to court him or enrage him.

The information he did not get was formal information. The data. The details. The options. The analysis. He didn?t do PowerPoint. For anything that smacked of a classroom or of being lectured to, "professor" was one of his bad words, and he was proud of never going to class, never buying a textbook, never taking a note, he got up and left the room.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House 

Butterbean --- 311 days ago -

McMaster's interview:

Then McMaster, wearing a uniform with his silver star, came in and immediately launched into a wide-ranging lecture on global strategy.

Trump was soon, and obviously, distracted, and as the lecture continued he began sulking. "That guy bores the s**** out of me," announced Trump after McMaster left the room. But Kushner pushed him to take another meeting with McMaster, who the next day showed up without his uniform and in a baggy suit.

"He looks like a beer salesman," Trump said, announcing that he would hire McMaster but didn't want to have another meeting with him.

Shortly after his appointment, McMaster appeared on Morning Joe. Trump saw the show and noted admiringly, "The guy sure gets good press."

The president decided he had made a good hire.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 311 days ago -

Michael Wolff?s book, ?Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,? made a slew of claims, many of which came under their own ?fire and fury? for being false.

The Pundit 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 311 days ago -

Michael Wolff , known liar and author of the fake book, Fire and Fury has gone way too far in his attacks after telling a journalist that Nikki Haley was having an affair with President Trump. Such a major story and he didn?t put it in his book. Makes you wonder. But it appears he went too far. So far that now the mainstream press is going after him.Wolff claimed that the two had consummated their affair on several trips on Air Force One when they were alone. The problem is the two never flew alone and in fact had never been alone anywhere. This accusation was the straw that broke the canmel?s back for mainstream journalists who are now turning on him with a vengeance. 

Butterbean --- 311 days ago -

Ah,yes. The media:

But Trump himself was desperately wounded by his treatment in the mainstream media. He obsessed on every slight until it was overtaken by the next slight. Slights were singled out and replayed again and again, his mood worsening with each replay (he was always rerunning the DVR). Much of the president's daily conversation was a repetitive rundown of what various anchors and hosts had said about him. And he was upset not only when he was attacked, but when the people around him were attacked. But he did not credit their loyalty, or blame himself or the nature of liberal media for the indignities heaped on his staffers; he blamed them and their inability to get good press.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House 

Butterbean --- 310 days ago -

Spicer, the reluctant Press Secretary:

In the early days of the transition, with Conway out of the running for the press secretary job, Trump became determined to find a "star." The conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, who had spoken at the convention, was on the list, as was Ann Coulter. Fox Business's Maria Bartiromo was also under consideration. (This was television, the president-elect said, and it ought to be a good-looking woman.) When none of those ideas panned out, the job was offered to Fox News's Tucker Carlson, who turned it down.

But there was a counterview: the press secretary ought to be the opposite of a star. In fact, the entire press operation ought to be downgraded. If the press was the enemy, why pander to it, why give it more visibility? This was fundamental Bannonism: stop thinking you can somehow get along with your enemies.

As the debate went on, Priebus pushed for one of his deputies at the Republican National Committee, Sean Spicer, a well-liked forty-five-year-old Washington political professional with a string of posts on the Hill in the George W. Bush years as well as with the RNC. Spicer, hesitant to take the job, kept anxiously posing the question to colleagues in the Washington swamp: "If I do this, will I ever be able to work again?"

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House 

Butterbean --- 309 days ago -

The White House group didn't make it to the White House Correspondents dinner:

Shortly after five o"clock on the one hundredth day of his presidency, a particularly muggy one, while twenty-five hundred or so members of news organizations and their friends gathered at the Washington Hilton for the White House Correspondent's Dinner, the president left the West Wing for Marine One, which was soon en route to Andrews Air Force Base. Accompanying him were Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Reince Priebus, Hope Hicks, and Kellyanne Conway. Vice President Pence and his wife joined the group at Andrews for the brief flight on Air Force One to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where the president would give a speech. During the flight, crab cakes were served, and Face the Nation's John Dickerson was granted a special hundredth-day interview.

The first Harrisburg event was held at a factory that manufactured landscaping and gardening tools, where the president closely inspected a line of colorful wheelbarrows. The next event, where the speech would be delivered, was at a rodeo arena in the Farm Show Complex and Expo Center.

And that was the point of this little trip. It had been designed both to remind the rest of the country that the president was not just another phony baloney in a tux like those at the White House Correspondent's Dinner (this somehow presupposed that the president's base cared about or was even aware of the event) and to keep the president's mind off the fact that he was missing the dinner.

But the president kept asking for updates on the jokes.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

Didn't something interesting just happen in Pennsylvania? 

Butterbean --- 308 days ago -

The beginning of the fire Comey debacle:

Trump turned to suggesting to his billionaire chorus that he fire FBI director Comey. He had raised this idea many times before, but always, seemingly, at the same time and in the same context that he brought up the possibility of firing everybody. Should I fire Bannon? Should I fire Reince? Should I fire McMaster? Should I fire Spicer? Should I fire Tillerson? This ritual was, everyone understood, more a pretext to a discussion of the power he held than it was, strictly, about personnel decisions.

Still, in Trump's poison-the-well fashion, the should-I-fire-so-and-so question, and any consideration of it by any of the billionaires, was translated into agreement, as in: Carl Icahn thinks I should fire Comey (or Bannon, or Priebus, or McMaster, or Tillerson).

His daughter and son-in-law, their urgency compounded by Charlie Kushner's concern, encouraged him, arguing that the once possibly charmable Comey was now a dangerous and uncontrollable player whose profit would inevitably be their loss.

When Trump got wound up about something, Bannon noted, someone was usually winding him up. The family focus of discussion, insistent, almost frenzied' became wholly about Comey's ambition. He would rise by damaging them. And the drumbeat grew.

"That son of a b**** is going to try to fire the head of the FBI," said Ailes.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

How many of the high ranking person's mentioned remain in the WH? 

Butterbean --- 307 days ago -

Trump's rats:

"Comey was a rat," repeated Trump. There were rats everywhere and you had to get rid of them. John Dean, John Dean, he repeated. "Do you know what John Dean did to Nixon?"

Trump, who saw history through personalities, people he might have liked or disliked, was a John Dean freak. He went bananas when a now gray and much aged Dean appeared on talk shows to compare the Trump-Russia investigation to Watergate. That would bring the president to instant attention and launch an inevitable talk-back monologue to the screen about loyalty and what people would do for media attention. It might also be accompanied by several revisionist theories Trump had about Watergate and how Nixon had been framed. And always there were rats. A rat was someone who would take you down for his own advantage.

If you had a rat, you needed to kill it. And there were rats all around.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

The rats do not seem to be gone from the WH. 

Butterbean --- 306 days ago -

Comey's firing, the flaunting of power:

But the president seemed also to want it known that he, aroused and dangerous, personally took down Comey. Forget Rosenstein and Sessions, it was personal. It was a powerful president and a vengeful one, in every way galled and affronted by those in pursuit of him, and determined to protect his family, who were in turn determined to have him protect them.

"The daughter will take down the father," said Bannon, in a Shakespearian mood.

Within the West Wing there was much replaying of alternative scenarios. If you wanted to get rid of Comey, there were surely politic ways of doing it, which had in fact been suggested to Trump. (A curious one, an idea that later would seem ironic, was to get rid of General Kelly at Homeland Security and move Comey into that job.) But the point really was that Trump had wanted to confront and humiliate the FBI director.

Cruelty was a Trump attribute.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

It seems the cruelty has not abated. 

Joe Blow --- 305 days ago -


Butterbean --- 305 days ago -

Mueller, with extraordinary powers to seek and disclose, is appointed:

On May 17, twelve days after FBI director Comey was fired, without consulting the White House or the attorney general, Rosenstein appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller to oversee the investigation of Trump's, his campaign's, and his staff's ties to Russia. If Michael Flynn had recently become the most powerful man in Washington for what he might reveal about the president, now Mueller arguably assumed that position because he had the power to make Flynn, and all other assorted Trump cronies and flunkies, squeal.

Rosenstein, of course, perhaps with some satisfaction, understood that he had delivered what could be a mortal blow to the Trump presidency.

Bannon, shaking his head in wonder about Trump, commented drily: "He doesn't necessarily see what's coming."

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

Sounds like Trump is squealing. 

Butterbean --- 298 days ago -

Trump looks for a TV rating to save him from himself:

Trump believed he was one win away from turning everything around. Or, perhaps more to the point, one win away from good press that would turn everything around. The fact that he had largely squandered his first hundred days - whose victories should have been the currency of the next hundred days - was immaterial. You could be down in the media one day and then the next have a hit that made you a success.

"Big things, we need big things," he said, angrily and often. "This isn't big. I need big. Bring me big. Do you even know what big is?"

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

Hasn't happened so far. 

Butterbean --- 297 days ago -

The Trump analysis of the Middle East:

Casting aside, in very quick order, previously held assumptions, in fact, not really aware of those assumptions, the new Trump thinking about the Middle East became the following: There are basically four players (or at least we can forget everybody else), Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The first three can be united against the fourth. And Egypt and Saudi Arabia, given what they want with respect to Iran,and anything else that does not interfere with the United States' interests, will pressure the Palestinians to make a deal. Voilà.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

How's that working so far? 

Butterbean --- 296 days ago -

Back when America was great:

The old foreign policy was based on the idea of nuance: facing an infinitely complex multilateral algebra of threats, interests, incentives, deals, and ever evolving relationships, we strain to reach a balanced future. In practice, the new foreign policy, an effective Trump doctrine, was to reduce the board to three elements: powers we can work with, powers we cannot work with, and those without enough power whom we can functionally disregard or sacrifice.

It was cold war stuff. And, indeed, in the larger Trump view, it was during the cold war that time and circumstance gave the United States its greatest global advantage. That was when America was great.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

Have we become great again? 

Butterbean --- 295 days ago -

The first "get away from it all", whirlwind, exhaustive, foreign policy, avoid the reality, presidential trip:

One of Trump's deficienciesa - constant in the campaign and, so far - in the presidency, was his uncertain grasp of cause and effect. Until now, whatever problems he might have caused in the past had reliably been supplanted by new events, giving him the confidence that one bad story can always be replaced by a better, more dramatic story. He could always change the conversation. The Saudi trip and his bold campaign to upend the old foreign policy world order should have accomplished exactly that. But the president continued to find himself trapped, incredulously on his part, by Comey and Mueller. Nothing seemed to move on from those two events.

After the Saudi leg of the trip, Bannon and Priebus, both exhausted by the trip's intense proximity to the president and his family, peeled off and headed back to Washington. It was now their job to deal with what had become, in the White House staff's absence, the actual, even ultimate, presidency-shaping crisis.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

Looks like Mueller didn't go away. 

Butterbean --- 294 days ago -

Nobody really wanted credit for firing Comey:

This was the point at which an emperors-new-clothes threshold was crossed. Now you could, out loud, rather freely doubt his judgment, acumen, and, most of all, the advice he was getting.

"He's not only crazy," declared Tom Barrack to a friend, "he's stupid."

But Bannon, along with Priebus, had strongly opposed the Comey firing, while Ivanka and Jared had not only supported it, but insisted on it. This seismic event prompted a new theme from Bannon, repeated by him widely, which was that every piece of advice from the couple was bad advice.

Nobody now believed that firing Comey was a good idea; even the president seemed sheepish. Hence, Bannon saw his new role as saving Trump,and Trump would always need saving. He might be a brilliant actor but he could not manage his own career.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

The ghost of Comey haunts the WH. 

Butterbean --- 293 days ago -

When you're looking for a defense from public outrage and nobody wants the job:

And it certainly didn't help that they were unable to hire a law firm with a top-notch white-collar government practice. By the time Bannon and Priebus were back in Washington, three blue-chip firms had said no. All of them were afraid they would face a rebellion among the younger staff if they represented Trump, afraid Trump would publicly humiliate them if the going got tough, and afraid Trump would stiff them for the bill.

In the end, nine top firms turned them down.

-Wolff, Michael: Fire and Fury- Inside the Trump White House

It gets lonelier at the top. 

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