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Netanyahu Defeats Obama in Election

who's talking here?

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stuffed marshmallow --- 3 years ago -

You're only a day old- how would you know? Lol !
Read old posts. Duh 

stuffed marshmallow --- 3 years ago -

What do you stuff a marshmallow with?
Maybe medical marijuana? 

stuffed marshmallow --- 3 years ago -

Or I may be referring to what someone looks like. Lol 

RayofHope --- 3 years ago -


RayofHope --- 3 years ago -


RayofHope --- 3 years ago -

Over the years I have developed a caution about questioning God. In my own personal life, things always seem to turn out for my good. Yes, God seems to know what He is doing.

As a person with Jewish parents, I was a little humbled that God chose the Jews to bring the monotheistic message to the world (There are not a bunch of gods, but one God).

I am humbled that Christians and Jews are reading their Bibles (The same Bible) and coming to the realization that they must stand together with Israel. I don't think it was the plan of God for them to be divided. It was the plan of God that non-jews (I don't like the word "gentile"), would be grafted in and the blessing to Abraham (I.E., Abraham literally means "father of the multitude") would be fulfilled.

The United States had always had a special relationship with Israel. It was the first country to recognize Israel. It has been blessed because of that relationship.

We stand at a point in history of losing that blessing when we have leaders trying to turn their backs on Israel.


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