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Markster 45

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Markster --- 76 days ago -

Breaking news:
Today, I will be a guest on the Wine no whine show. Playing music and discussing politics. Alcohol too. What could go wrong? 

Markster --- 76 days ago -


Look at them big ol fingers. 

Markster --- 56 days ago -

Tues Sept 4
House of Blues

If the KU mods could refrain from deleting this post as they did the last one. Thatd be great  

Markster --- 14 days ago -

Guess who got a friend request from Joe Ely?! This guy! 

Markster --- 19 min ago -

Yours truly is playing
Friday night Open Mic/Jam And Social @ The Litehouse.

Litehouse Icehouse
4134 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring, Texas 77388

Bubba's Sports Bar & Grill
Sports Bar
6225 Washington Ave., Houston

Both venues have tons of great talent. 

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