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Trump and his admin lied about ships heading to NK

who's talking here?

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fuzz81 --- 310 days ago -

They recently put a satellite in orbit which was originally tumbling but has since stabilized and assumed to have established comms

NK is no joke. 

Karras --- 310 days ago -

So do you take them out now or wait?

I'm sure there is a good case for either option. But I say wait. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 310 days ago -

Sounds like it's red line in the sand time 

sdanielmcev --- 309 days ago -

As a former Naval Officer - hard to imagine a battle group steaming to the wrong place - just sayin'?

When the CIC gives an order... 

AMDG --- 309 days ago -

think we are in agreement Daniel - my point was they are going exactly where they were ordered to go. 

Butterbean --- 309 days ago -

they are going exactly where they were ordered to go.?


Different note: Those girls that look a lot like Ivanka are on either side of the message part of this site again. I'm thinking harassment. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 309 days ago -

The hand wringing continues............ 

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