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Rudy Giuliani bombshell

who's talking here?

SoupIsGoodFood 16
jackass 4
voice of reason 1
Let Logic Prevail 1
Miss Understanding 1
Joe Blow 7
DVaz 5
Judas 3
Markster 5
Butterbean 2
Prolix Raconteur 4
fuzz81 6
Myra801 1

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Markster --- 322 days ago -

"He's a great guy! He just needs to get his facts straight". Pundits are claiming he, (Guliani) has done more damage to Trump than Stormy Daniels..

Trump supporters...This is your president. 

Myra801 --- 322 days ago -

Giuliani keeps rising from the dead doesn't he. Before 9-11 he took a serious hit to his reputation, came back, receded, and boom! he is again. 

Butterbean --- 322 days ago -

A ghost of Christmas past. 

Joe Blow --- 322 days ago -

Rudy Giuliani tries to clean up his hubris-inspired mess
Giuliani walks back his Comey and North Korea comments.


Joe Blow --- 322 days ago -

His 9.11 wave came crashing on the beach when the calendar rolled to October.


Joe Blow --- 322 days ago -


Rudy Giuliani is part of a plot to make Trump seem less senile. 

Joe Blow --- 322 days ago -

Mueller Investigation at a Standstill Due to Uncontrollable Laughter 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 322 days ago -

Joey in full trigger mode.

Trump must be winning today. 

Joe Blow --- 322 days ago -

Soup in empty brain mode as usual. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 322 days ago -

All this Trump winning equates to liberal losing. 

jackass --- 320 days ago -

Rudy is the gift that keeps on giving... 

Markster --- 319 days ago -

I missed the Sunday shows. Was Rudy anywhere? 

Markster --- 319 days ago -

Nevermind. He was everywhere 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 319 days ago -

Still waiting for this "bomb" to go off. 

Joe Blow --- 318 days ago -

Rude Gee is a fart bomb. So much sulphur setting the trumpty dump admin on fire.


SoupIsGoodFood --- 318 days ago -

Still waiting............ 

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