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who's talking here?

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AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 30 days ago -

fuzz81 --- 2 days ago - quote - hide comments
Why does Germany have a lower unemployment rate than the US then?

The Germans are an efficient, hard working people. They almost won WW11. 

urabunchcats --- 29 days ago -

SoupIsGoodFood --- 29 days ago -

We had a WW 11? LOL 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 29 days ago -

Google is awesome, fuzzball!!

Most refugees to be jobless for years, German minister warns

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"Up to three quarters of Germany?s refugees will still be unemployed in five years? time, according to a government minister, in a stark admission of the challenges the country faces in integrating its huge migrant population." 

urabunchcats --- 28 days ago -

Lefties - Not understanding the truth?

Lefties - Lying about the truth?

How normal and/or typical.


AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 28 days ago -

In the words of Claire Booth Luce, "no good deed goes unpunished". 

jackass --- 28 days ago -

There?s still no evidence to support the title of the thread... 

urabunchcats --- 24 days ago -



OrdinaryGuy --- 23 days ago -

There?s still no evidence to support the title of the thread...?

JA....I wonder what you think about the economy today. What's your opinion about it? How about the unemployment numbers...what's you opinion about them? 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 21 days ago -

I said it b4
Counties are NOT red or blue. States are. Roll your daddy a fatty with those little fingers?

Counties are definitely red or blue. Looks at pathetic blue Harris County that hasn't had a republican mayor since the 70's and voted for Hillary. Like other cities run by democrats its high in crime.

The state is red. 

jackass --- 21 days ago -

Counties don?t have mayors 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 21 days ago -

Counties don?t have mayors?

True wasn't thinking about city verses county but the City of Houston encompasses most of Harris County and that is what I was referring to. City of Houston is blue sadly and it shows. 

urabunchcats --- 17 days ago -

urabunchcats --- 17 days ago -


RayofHope --- 16 days ago -

Republican voters do seem to be better informed. Democrats are like sheep following the leader. 

urabunchcats --- 13 days ago -

urabunchcats --- 10 days ago -


the Markster --- 9 days ago -

RayofHope --- 6 days ago - quote - hide comments

Republican voters do seem to be better informed. Democrats are like sheep following the leader.

That is exactly the same thing the left says about suckered republicans! wow. how bout that!

I unblocked your comment just to see what you posted to "THE SMARTEST PEOPLE VOTE REPUBLICAN! topic.
Its a picture. The same one you likely have on your bedroom wall. The very same one you post constantly. I'm pegging you as a "one trick pony".

I gotta laugh. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 9 days ago -


Butterbean --- 9 days ago -

Congratulate me. I won the lottery. 

urabunchcats --- 5 days ago -


Judas --- 4 days ago -

How old is he in your picture? 30? LOL He's more than double that now although it looks like a combover way back then. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 4 days ago -

Looks like Judy got triggered today. 

urabunchcats --- 3 days ago -



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