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Why Some People Just Can't Follow Rules

who's talking here?

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KwMillennial --- 182 days ago -

A quote from the article is, “Recent research found people with a greater sense of entitlement are less likely to follow instructions than less entitled people are, because they view the instructions as an unfair imposition on them. “

Duh. But that leaves a lot of meat on the bone. Maybe it’s not that it’s an unfair imposition on them. Maybe it’s about not trusting an authority that has lied or misled many times before. Authority figures can also be hypocritical.

If you don’t respect or trust an authority, why would you follow their instructions? 

sdanielmcev --- 182 days ago -

Their house, their rules. 

KwMillennial --- 182 days ago -

KU mods need to be replaced

Mods? There’s more than one? I’ve only seen one. 

KwMillennial --- 182 days ago -

Their house, their rules.

Do you say that to your family? Because that’s what a narcissist would say. They say that because that’s an empowering statement that defines authority as being exclusively theirs. The narcissists are often the leaders or those with authority.

A family is more than just a leader than someone in an authority position. A family is also about the future and other family members that contribute.

A country is more than just its leader. Every leader has their flaws. A good leader is open minded to having their flaws exposed. In this country, this is our house and it does not exclusively belong to the leader. 

Markster --- 182 days ago -


Markster --- 182 days ago -


Markster --- 182 days ago -


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