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A Psychiatrist's Letter to Young People about Fifty Shades of Grey

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JHMO --- 3 years ago -

I have to say this Jacobson, I'd rather see a movie CLEARLY about fiction than to see a movie based upon a real life story or event be so far from the truth (Passion of Christ, Son of God, Noah, etc.)

In my eyes, it's far less trashy to have a fiction movie depicting fiction, than to have a non-fiction movie misrepresenting the truth.

So, your godly movies? They're trash. 

jacobson --- 3 years ago -

So, your godly movies? They're trash.

LOL, did I ever say that Noah or Son of God were any good? You really shouldn't make make statements when you have no idea what you're talking about.

But, even as bad as those movies were, they weren't as trashy as that filth called Fifty Shades of Grey. 

JHMO --- 3 years ago -

LOL, did I ever say that Noah or Son of God were any good?

I have no idea, but I was pretty sure you were God there for a second 

Joe Blow --- 3 years ago -

Best part of this is that the protagonist's name is Christian! LMFAO!! 

jacobson --- 3 years ago -

LOL, the best part is you resorting to childish name calling in pm's. 

Work in Progress --- 3 years ago -

JMHO, admittedly is has been a decade since I saw Passion of the Christ (has it really been that long???) but what about that movie did you object to? The taking liberties with the text? The gore?

Just curious. I didn't understand your point. 

jacobson --- 3 years ago -

I had two problems with the Passion of the Christ.

Gibson's false portrayal of Mary as co-redemptrix and its failure to adequately address the significance of the atoning death of Christ.

The movie probably could have accomplished the second if it had excluded the first. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

Just saw this movie. What a piece of cinematic garbage. 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

Am surprised you went to see. I have not and will probably wait till free... 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

My wife was curious about it, so off we went. She didn't care for it either. Best part was when he turned her over his knee for rolling her eyes at him. 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

lol, ok... 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

Turn me over your knee i be kicking your chin... 

TheZooKeeper --- 3 years ago -

Just don't spank your dog! 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

You will do as you are told. 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

Not me dear sir! Never 

witchywoman --- 3 years ago -


Texashley28 --- 3 years ago -

Didn't care to see it. I have enough sex and romance with my Husband. 

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