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Riverchase Lights

who's talking here?

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volunteermom --- 12 years ago -

Sorry I haven't had a chance to respond to the negative comments about the Riverchase Entrance lights, I've been spending all my time trying to make the lights at the entrance work, much to many folks' chagrin! I'm sorry some of you feel that they are tacky and trashy. I personally thought the tree-wraps that are often partially burned out, hidden behind the signs, are a little lame. And let's do something different than what every entrance does.... I was asked by a Riverchase/Greentree Board member to decorate the Riverchase signs with residents' donations. Having two kids and LOVING the Christmas season, I gladly said yes. I've spent many a night driving my kids around Kingwood during each Christmas season to find the biggest, brightest, and most festive lights. My kids and every other child I know love the brightly colored lights. When deciding how to decorate the front, we (a group of stay-at-home full-time volunteer moms)decided to go with a white/red candy cane theme because there are people of all faiths in our neighborhood and we didn't want to offend anyone. Granted, we aren't electrician and when we were told by several people we could plug in as many lights as we wanted, we didn't expect all the technical difficulties. After many, many hours we've balanced the lights and I think everything's working now. Sorry Jacko16. If you aren't happy that the association is participating in this competition, please voice your opinion at the next meeting. That's the place to voice your opposition to this competition because they plan to sponsor it again next year. I will GLADLY give someone else the $100 FIRST PRIZE AWARD to do the job "better" next year because I've spent so much time on this project my own house isn't decorated yet....but when I do it will be festive, bright, and for my kids! Signed, "Trashy, Tacky, Holiday-Light Decorating Lady" 

*harpo* --- 12 years ago -

edited by me. 

cowboyswife --- 12 years ago -

Signed, "Trashy, Tacky, Holiday-Light Decorating Lady" LOL, good one!!! You should be commended for your efforts, nobody should complain if they are not willing to step up to the plate and help. :) 

stampin' gal --- 12 years ago -

i think this is the lady that did all the work and got a smack in the face from the rude people that did nothing and sat on their butts judging her (oops....did I actually type that???). volunteer mom, they look nice. You are kind to VOLUNTEER to do that. Don't even worry about the other nonsense...... 

BrookleighPhotography --- 12 years ago -

Volunteer mom, they look great! You are so sweet to take time out of your day to help with your community and VOLUNTEER your time unlike the few that wanted to b$%^& about it but did NOTHING to help :) 

riley --- 12 years ago -

I think it was nice for you to take the time and effort to decorate a community area. I'm glad you got the kinks worked out of your lights. I know I've shed a few tears myself over lights that won't work after I've put them up. I honestly don't know how anyone has the energy this time of year to do anything other than their own responsibilities. 

napoleon --- 12 years ago -

I like your lights and decorations and am glad to hear you have them working at 100% now. Sorry that you were criticized for your volunteer work for the community. I saw the 1st place sign today - Congratulations!!! 

teeth500 --- 12 years ago -

I think they look great .....thanks for doing such a good job. 

Fancy --- 12 years ago -

I saw the 1st place sign today - Congratulations!!! That's awesome "Trashy, Tacky, Holiday-Light Decorating Lady", lol. You did good. I haven't even seen them but just the fact that you stepped forward, and did something for your community, is prize worthy to me. 

CW --- 12 years ago -

Thanks for posting volunteer Mom! I still get ticked about the rude comments that came from those who did NOTHING to help. I loved your decorating from the beginning and have seen you out there working hard. My family and kids and the kids I car pool all love the red and white and it looks great! Did I see a sign "1st Place"? up when I drove by alittle while ago??? Congratulations! You've made the neighborhood proud! Thanks again. 

H and J --- 12 years ago -

I live in this section of Riverchase and we are thrilled with the lights!! Congrats on the 1st place!!! 

Momof3 --- 12 years ago -

I drove past with the kids last night and they absolutely loved it!!! I thought they were great too - well done! 

ArmyWife4Life --- 12 years ago -

I think it is so funny how Riverchase lights got first, the have only been working for 4 days! How can they win? Becuase people felt sorry for the ladies who put the ugly lights up. It makes me laugh even harder how yall said you did not care what people had to say but you took stuff down. But really th only reason why they won was becuase they people on the comittee were RiverChase ladies 

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