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Sight and Sound Cable Company

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Fallon 3
blueyegrl1009 4

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blueyegrl1009 --- 10 years ago -

I'm moving to another part of Kingwood this week and I've been told the only cable company that serves that area is Sight and Sound Cable Company. I've never heard of them before, does anyone on here use them? 

Fallon --- 10 years ago -

I thought Suddenlink was the only cable provider in Kingwood. Where are you moving? 

blueyegrl1009 --- 10 years ago -

Kings Manor 

Fallon --- 10 years ago -

Is that over the brigde? If so it may be a company out of Atascocista. 

blueyegrl1009 --- 10 years ago -

No it's at the front of Kingwood, thats why I thought it was so weird, I would think that SuddenLink would be the provider but they said no, Sight and Sound Cable. 

Fallon --- 10 years ago -

Oh that is Montgomery County right? 

blueyegrl1009 --- 10 years ago -

yeah I think so 

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