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Suddenlink vs Comcast

who's talking here?

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wanderer --- 9 years ago -

I have Suddenlink for my high speed internet (and everything else) and haven't had any luck with surfing the web since Thurs. Suddenlink tech. person told me they were having problems with many sites. ANyone else with Suddenlink having trouble? Is Comcast any better? I am so tired of it being so slow! 

Melanie --- 9 years ago -

I have Suddenlink, can't have Comcast, it's not in KW. Haven't been having any problems, yet. : ) 

ZoomZoom --- 9 years ago -

I've also been having a lot of problems over the past 3-4 days with Suddenlink. I can only get a few web sites and the others hang in suspension forever. At first I thought my computer which is old was dying. When I called Suddenlink to ask, they told me the problem must be on my end, like my router which I kinda didn't believe. Now I know they were BSing me. I'll call again tomorrow. Thanks. 

Melanie --- 9 years ago -

I too was having issues with my router a while back & I just plugged it into a different plug (on the router) & it's been working fine since. 

BrookleighPhotography --- 9 years ago -

I have suddenlink and they SUCK! lol. They always say it's on your end blah blah blah BULLCRAP LOL. they suck, they have horrible customer service and horrible service in genral! UGGGG! 

Melanie --- 9 years ago -

Name someone that has great customer service. You can't, can you? LOL! 

Sue --- 9 years ago -

With the exception of being slow off and on, ours is working fine now. The last time they sent out a technician, he was good. He was in the attic and outside doing stuff and changing stuff. He was here for a good 2 hours. No other technician ever checked in the attic or outsdie, They just sat at the computer messing aroun. This guy was good. My DH was with him and in touch with him the whole time. Ours has been fine since. 

photo1 --- 9 years ago -

They are as good as DirectTV and much better that Verizon. When we had some issues about 4 months ago, they sent out a technician who reviewed the entire system and replaced 4 bad connections. Actually that should have been done at installation time, but at least they owned up to and did it. Whenever we have called, they have been knowedgeble and courteous. 

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