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CURE CHIARI wristband and bracelets

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Froggyrisa♥ --- 9 years ago -

Wishes and Rainbows is one of the earliest charitable organization for Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia. They provide various levels of support to patients such as informational, medical and financial. I recently noticied they are also selling wristbands to help with the research and thought I would pass it along. from their website of: CHIARI Awareness Wristbands / Bracelets For more than 3 years, all profits from Chiari wristbands have gone to Wishes & Rainbows. They are dark purple, 100% silicone, and are embossed with CURE CHIARI. The silicone allows them to stretch beyond the hand so they can fit properly on the wrist; they are in the style of the LiveStrong ones made famous by Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation, and are a great way to raise awareness in the community! I have two sizes for adults-- 7" (this most popular seller is for small and average framed women, small-framed men, and most teens), 8" (for larger framed women, average framed men, and larger framed teens), and a limited amount of small child size at 5 3/4". Wristbands are 2.00 each and have a 2.00 shipping cost no matter how large the order; if the shipping cost goes over 2.00 I will cover the difference. Insurance is optional for customers to purchase to cover the package after it leaves my hands. Please include with orders how many of each size you would like. I can accept PayPal and personal check; wristbands are shipped within 1 business day of PayPal payment, and within 1 business day of personal check clearing. Feel free to email with any questions. Sincerely, Keesha Turner Email Keesha at with orders or questions. Notice: Wishes and Rainbows will benefit from this wonderful fundraiser though we are not responsible for orders or shipping. If you have questions or concerns before or after ordering you may contact Keesha at the above e-mail address. Thanks for participating in this fundraiser!  

outermaga --- 9 years ago -


Froggyrisa♥ --- 9 years ago -

Ive ordered us some. My boys wear them for everything else, now they can support mom. My youngest is excited. He is our little pimp. Since pre-school he has insisted on watch, ring, necklace & cologne to accompany his outfit of pants, undershirt and button down shirt, usually shirt sleeved. He has been pimpin' since he learned to dress himself!! And its no wonder he has had a girlfriend since before Kindergarten. 

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