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~~Don't Blink~~ --- 10 years ago -

Do you have mistletoe hanging in you house....if so where? 

brian* --- 10 years ago -

Yes, on my belt. 

lLackCreativity --- 10 years ago -

Nope but got tons hanging from the trees out front. I just drag DH out there! 

~~Don't Blink~~ --- 10 years ago -

Yes, on my belt. lol...typical!!! 

brian* --- 10 years ago -

Haha! Yes, I'm pretty typical. 

crazyfun2baround --- 10 years ago -

Where can you even find mistletoe?? Not sure if my family would know what to do with it! lol 

PutOnYourBigGirlPanties --- 10 years ago -

brian* - posted 7 min ago - quote Yes, on my belt.'re not old. 

~~Don't Blink~~ --- 10 years ago -

Where can you even find mistletoe?? I received mine on my first date Thursday. :) IDK where to purchase though. Sorry. 

brian* --- 10 years ago -'re not old. I'm getting there. But I still have my sense of humor. 

Lilteapot --- 10 years ago -

Yes, I always do, I hang it in the foyer between the living and dining room. 

Lilteapot --- 10 years ago -

(It's suposed be hung by the front door I belive) 

~~Don't Blink~~ --- 10 years ago -

(It's suposed be hung by the front door I belive) Yea, so they say. :) 

4x4mom --- 10 years ago -

not in the house but it is all over the property, alot of our trees are full of it 

~~Don't Blink~~ --- 10 years ago -

it is all over the property outside More kisses for you that way! lol 

Sue --- 10 years ago -

Not this year. We're lucky to have a little lighted table tree and a couple of lighted wreaths inside. I guess my DH and I are real lazy this year. 

~~Don't Blink~~ --- 10 years ago -

Just a Bumping... 

JBelle --- 10 years ago -

No mistletoe in our house. I can't find real looking fake mistletoe anywhere. By the way-mistletoe is poisonous to dogs if they eat the berries!! 

CoralReef --- 10 years ago -

I thought what we have is Holly, not Mistletoe. 

tracie505 --- 10 years ago -

I would like to buy some if anyone has any..... 

girlsRus --- 10 years ago -

My hubby brought home two bags of mistletoe from the deer lease, lol, have no idea what he was thinking, lol 

~~Don't Blink~~ --- 10 years ago -

have no idea what he was thinking, lol Well, it's not that hard to figure out! J/K :) 

Ladybug --- 10 years ago -

I saw hanging silk mistletoe balls at Target (Atas.) for 10 bucks in the housewares dept. They were not in the Christmas decor dept. I thought they looked good! 

Yosamitesa --- 10 years ago -

No mistletoe here, however have bought it in the past at walmart. 

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