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Pandora VS. James Avery Bracelet

who's talking here?

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PHSMOMOF2 --- 9 years ago -

Who has what? What do you think is better? I just started mine I already have 10 charms and I am already getting some more charms soon. I lose my mind everytime I go in there. What are the pros and cons of each? Tell me what you think? The other thread got me thinking.  

♥Blessed 4 Ever♥ --- 9 years ago -

i would be interested also 

♥Blessed 4 Ever♥ --- 9 years ago -

i would be interested also 

Yosamitesa --- 9 years ago -

I have James Avery... 

QueenCassie --- 9 years ago -

I would love to have a Pandora bracelet, but my arms are so little I would need a child sized one! lol 

Sweetie Pie --- 9 years ago -

I have both and I like my Pandora better but that's just my taste. The "jingling" thing with the James Avery annoys me after awhile especially when it's clanking on the keyboard. Also, I think the Pandora style is just more the style at the moment. It's sort of a modern edge on a charm bracelet. Again, just my opinion. 

Sweetie Pie --- 9 years ago -

Cassie, they do make the bracelets in many different sizes. My 13 year old has one that's fairly small. 

♥Blessed 4 Ever♥ --- 9 years ago -

Where can you get Pandora? Is there a place in Houston? 

Travel4Life --- 9 years ago -

Love my Pandora. You can get them at Alspaugh's (Ace) and they are very nice and helpful. Take hubby and let him shop then you sneak off to your side of the store. 

wildflower --- 9 years ago -

James Avery! They are affordable, especially the silver. Also the jewelry is made in Texas!! 

coach'sgirl --- 9 years ago -

I have both and right now I only wear my Pandora. Pros to Pandora - in style right now, you can also put Brightons new charms on the Pandora bracelet (I have 2 with mine), not as loud as James Avery. You can get Pandora at Alspaugh's and the place right behind Mulligans....UGH...what is it called? The Brighton charms are at Grimms (front of Childrens Place). 

Melanie --- 9 years ago -

Love my Pandora. Me too! Just got it for Christmas with all the charms, but not all are Pandora. Lots of compliments on it. 

onthegomom --- 9 years ago -

Bump with the recent Pandora thread. 

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