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Taexx In-the wall pest control

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cr8zymom --- 8 years ago -

Most new homes in the area are having these installed. It is called Taexx, so far the only the exterminator I can find that services these systems is Home Team Pest Defense. In order to get a competitve bid I wanted to know if they have any competition out there? Any suggestions would be great. I wouldn't even mind doing it myself if its something that can be a DYI item. 

cr8zymom --- 8 years ago -


gumbywin --- 8 years ago -

Do not waste your time. The tubes are run throgh your attic. The heat in the attic degrades the plastic tubes anyway. Just go to Walmart and buy Bengal roach spray. Works just as good. 

Denise C --- 8 years ago -

I agree 100% with gumbywin. Many builders have stopped using them also because when the chemical is put in to the tube opening, the pressure buildup causes them to explode further along the tube. Waste of money. 

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