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Looking For An Electrican?

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Electrician --- 9 years ago -

Skilled Electrician networking for business. Licensed & Bonded JR's Electrical Service 713-551-6108 Ask for J.R. 

pokey --- 9 years ago -

Call Mike 281-415-5216 He is very good and licensed.... 

Big Ben --- 9 years ago -

Sorry to bash on you, but your company does not show up under the TDLR website. Maybe its under a different name? As a licensed electrician myself (no longer on my tools, but still have my license current for work purposes) and a long time KU'er, I always recommend checking the TDLR website to make sure someone is legit. Also to legally do work within the City of Houston, the same information is required. Sorry, but I have to look after my KU peeps. 

Electrician --- 9 years ago -

JR's Electrical Service  

Electrician --- 9 years ago -

Big Ben you need to check again, because J&R Electrical Service is legit and have been in business for years. 

Big Ben --- 9 years ago -

Big Ben you need to check again, because J&R Electrical Service is legit and have been in business for years. I did check again, but on the TDLR Website, nothing shows up for JR's Electrical Service or J&R Electrical Service. I mean come on, your giving two different names now and neither show up. Like I said your dba may be different or your TECL is under a different name. All I am asking is to prove that you are legit. You are more than welcome to prove me wrong. I promise, I will admit that I am wrong and publically appoligize. But I know how to use the TDLR website, Im an ex city inspector/plan reviewer, It was my job to verify these things. 

sssam --- 3 years ago -

FRAUD - JR's electric is a total fraud. Stay away unless you want to loose business. Came took money to come back next day and disappeared. Richard Jones does not pick up the phone. On checking there is an Alert for this company in BBB. Check for yourself. 

fuzz81 --- 3 years ago -

Big Ben do you have any kingwood area electrician recommendations? I had my load center and meter box replaced and took a chance on a company called Americas Best Electric.. All went fine, permits were pulled, inspector came. No complaints about ABE, but just wondering if there's a go to kingwood electrician that you recommend 

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