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Splendora folks -help > Weimarnar running loose

who's talking here?

Yankee Rose 1

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Yankee Rose --- 8 years ago -

I thought this might be a good way to get the word out. There is a male Weimarnar and a Bassett Hound running loose in the South Tram,Oak Creek and Brentwood Rd areas. The Weimarnar seems to be well taken care of - but neither dog have collars. If you know of anyone that might own these dogs please tell them to come look for them. A few neighbors including my husband have been trying to run them off. The Weimarnar has already attacked my cat. The cat is fine - but I can tell you the next time I see him attack the cat I will have no problem in someone getting RID of him/them. I am an animal lover and I don't like to see animals run loose. My dogs are in the fence where they belong. But if these dogs become a problem I will call animal control out to take them off. Thanks folks - I know a lot of Splendora people are on KU. 

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