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Need help - local Movers?

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Jen --- 9 years ago -

Okay, we had plans for some friends to help us move. One is in the hopital and the other can't make it now. I've tried calling Apple Movers in Atascocita and Ready, Willing, & Able in Humble and they are all booked up next Saturday. Do any of you have any recommendations on a local, bonded, insured moving companies. I wasn't expecting to have to hire one, now that we have to they are booked up as far as with whom we've called. ;( I'm about to cry! 

couldbetrue --- 9 years ago -

Go to www, I've used it and had a good experience. 

Jen --- 9 years ago -

I'm not sure about signing up to have someone bid on my move. And I see there are quite a few bad reviews. ;( I know, I will see that with every company, but I'd like to get something scheduled today...not wait on a bidder to bid on me. 

couldbetrue --- 9 years ago -

I used it and it was fast. I had 20 bids right when it posted, and scheduled that day. Each company bidding has reviews, so just don't pick a company with bad reviews. I paid half of what I was quoted from the regular standard movers. Your name is not posted, just your alias, and you do not exchange any info until after you accept the bid. 

JustGoWithIt --- 9 years ago -

I have used Moved by Love several times and been very pleased. Its $150 for the first 2 hrs and then I think $65/hr after that. My last move was from a 3rd floor apt in Humble to a 3rd floor apt in Sugarland with TONS of boxes and it cost $400 832-885-7517 

a2950954uu --- 7 years ago -

Ready Willing and Able Movers.....are trustworthy and dependable...they arrived on time...loaded things very efficiently and orderly. brought plenty of help to do the job. made my life and day so much lighter. nice people
sharon thomas....humble, tx 

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