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Where to donate clothing & shoes?

who's talking here?

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luvinlife --- 7 years ago -

I have tons of kids clothing & shoes to donate.  

MeriZephyr --- 7 years ago -

Family Time on 494 really could use clothing donations.... HAAM also accepts donations. 

luvinlife --- 7 years ago -

ok thanks. :) 

Syrah1214 --- 7 years ago -

I'm taking two gigantic boxes today to HAAM 

Eyes Of Green --- 7 years ago -

ACTS, could sure use the donations. 

Syrah1214 --- 7 years ago -

ACTS, could sure use the donations. whats that 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 7 years ago -

the Family Time store in Humble-it's not exactly a store, but a drop off place, where they then take the things to the safe place the abused women and kids stay- I'm sure they're listed, otherwise, I'll find out for you-it kind of hard to find (at least for me, but i get lost going around the block!) 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 7 years ago -

and of course, any place that supports animal causes! 

TexasOma --- 7 years ago -

the Family Time store in Humble-it's not exactly a store, but a drop off place, There is a Family Time store in Porter -- they take donations as well as distribute to the women & kids in their abuse shelter. It's on 494 down my 1314. 

Fallon --- 7 years ago -

I always take my things to Family Time. They are grateful to get things, and it is for a great cause. They usually help you unload too, if like me you have a bunch to take. And the nice ladies inside will give you a tax receipt. 

napoleon --- 7 years ago -

ACTS = Animal Charities Thrift Shop aka Pals for Pooches. I recently took some donations to them - nice store and nice people. They are on 494 just north of Northpark. 

Jano --- 7 years ago -

HAAM!!! They have a wide reach and can help so many people with your donations!!! 

luvinlife --- 7 years ago -

well its mainly childrens clothing and shoes...i would sell them myself but im pregnant right now and i don't have the time or energy to do it..i just want to get rid of it. 

Forest Cove Lawn Care --- 7 years ago -

i know someone who could use lil girls clothes in 5/ if you still have them. 

christmaskitty --- 7 years ago -

So is there is Family Time store or place in Humble or Atascocita?? I also have a lot of children's clothes & really hate just dropping it off to Goodwill!! Is there a church that could use kids clothes, they are clean & in excellent conditiion. 

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