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fabulous --- 7 years ago -

I am making homecoming mums again this year. I have added homecoming spirit sticks for kids and mum rings (adjust to fit kids up to adult 9-10).

The spirit sticks and rings are a great, low cost, gift for a daughter, or friend who may already be receiving a mum from someone else. Also, for adults who aren't ready to wear a full size mum!

My custom homecoming mums are made with grosgrain ribbon, embroidered letters or rhinestone "bling" letters and other details like rhinestone crystals, "diamond" shaped beads, and other high quality embellishments. These are heirloom quality- the ribbon won't ever bend or wrinkle like traditional mums, so your memory will stay looking great even after being packed away for many years!

I have sold to several KU'ers over four years that I have been making these.

Mum Ring


fabulous --- 7 years ago -

Please visit my website for more photos. I attempted to post pictures but there was a problem.

Also, I refuse to participate in KU drama, which is why I chose to lock the topic. I rarely post anymore, so if you are interested in more details, you can email me or visit my website. I am also on KYS. 

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