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Trick or Treat Hours??

who's talking here?

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nanalynn --- 7 years ago -

Anyone know what time the kiddos will officially be starting? I know it's a weekend, but I don't want them here starting too early. 

Stormy --- 7 years ago -

I'm guessing they will start around 6:30. 

Bornanraisedkw --- 7 years ago -

sat or sun? 

SighFiGurl --- 7 years ago -

Mine always go as soon as it gets dark. It's getting dark much earlier now. Around my area, by 8:30 the vast majority of traffic is over. 

Empty Nest --- 7 years ago -

I turn on the porch lights about 6 or so, then shut down by 9 after checking the street to be sure there are no kids coming. I have popcorn balls by the door already if anyone comes tonight, but I'm planning for kids tomorrow night. 

Keystone --- 7 years ago -

sat or sun?

Oct. 31 is Sunday. 

Meme2my5 --- 7 years ago -

I think they start about 5:30 and go until they are tired. They are so cute in their costumes. 

Pollys Crackers --- 7 years ago -

So many communities are having Trick or Treat tonight to allow for Sunday night church. Was hoping it would be tonight myself. 

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