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150$ 1 Story 200$ 2 Story INSTALL SUNDAY ONLY!!! Christmas Lights!!!

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Kingwood Allstars Cleaning Ser --- 5 years ago -

I know this is a chat room just wanted to let our Wonderful community know. We are offering a HUGE sale for Sunday. 150$ 1 Story and 200$ 2 Story Christmas light installs on Sunday only. We are lighting up Kingwood Everyday... We have Great References and our Customers love us... Contact Us at or Call or Text 832 445 7993 

Kingwood Allstars Cleaning Ser --- 5 years ago -

You can see some Pictures of a few of my Installs on my ad on 

Hello Dolly --- 5 years ago -

FANTASTIC Job!!!! Thanks for the very PROFESSIONAL decorations! The neighbors are already envious! 

Kingwood Allstars Cleaning Ser --- 5 years ago -

I would like to let all of our great Kingwood Residents know that it is getting close to Christmas!!! I have lowered my prices and I am offering a super deal this Weekend ONLY!!!. So Contact Kingwood Allstars for your last minute Christmas Light Installs. Happy holidays 

njjk --- 5 years ago -

I've tried to email you but it won't go through. I might be interested in having you put our lights up if your are available this weekend...
I pm'd you. 

Kingwood Allstars Cleaning Ser --- 5 years ago -

Sorry Njjk.. I can squeeze you in today if you like. Please Call or text me at 832 445 7993. Thanks KW Allatars... 

Kingwood Allstars Cleaning Ser --- 5 years ago -

My special is good only till Tomm!!! Have Kingwoods Premiere Light Installer do your last minute lights. Great Specials for Sunday only. 832 445 7993.. 

Kingwood Allstars Cleaning Ser --- 5 years ago -

I have extended my Special Offer for this week!!! If you want your last minute Christmas Light Install done than go with the best!!! I have tons of references and people just love my work after they see their Beautiful home get lite up. Call Kingwood Allstars Today.. 832 445 7993 at email @ KINGWOODALLSTARSCLEANING@GMAIL.COM 

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