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Inexpensive Spay for my Cat?

who's talking here?

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Gentlecurves --- 10 years ago -

Hello guys! Need ur help. I lost my job 3 weeks ago, my cat is 6 months old now, in heat, so its time to spay. I know about SNAP, but am not on any government assistance. Is there another place thats cheap where I can go in Montgomery Co? Thanks! 

ghostpost --- 10 years ago -

You can take your cat to the Snap clinic and get her spayed for $50. You don't have to meet an income requirement for the clinic but you do need to make an appointment, I believe. The low income restriction is just for the mobile clinics that operate in low income areas. (it is in Houston, not Montgomery county)

website with more info 

ghostpost --- 10 years ago -

Spay Houston says it is waiving extra fees for spaying cats that are in heat or pregnant through Jan 31st. It also looks like they offer a transportation service from areas in Montgomery County, including Porter and Conroe and I didn't see a mention of income qualifications on their website. I would suggest you give them a call for more info. 

ghostpost --- 10 years ago -

Montgomery County animal shelter charges $60 to spay a cat at their clinic. 

Gentlecurves --- 10 years ago -

Thank you so much! Have a great day!! 

AsExpected --- 10 years ago -

I still have the cork from last night's wine if you need to buy a little time! 

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