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*JB's FREE Appliance/Scrap Metal Removal*

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JB the Junk Hauler --- 9 years ago -

JB the Junk Hauler --- 328 days ago - quote - hide comments
JB the Junk Hauler
"Taking care of all your disposal/recycle needs since 2009"

Here is a list of items I pick up for recycle FREE of charge.

Washers,dryers,stoves,ovens, refrigerators,freezers,dishwashers

*Yard Equipment*
push mowers,riding mowers,tillers,edgers,weed eaters,bar b-que pits,swings,trampolines,patio furniture,T post,gates,chain link fence

*House Items*
hot water heaters,file cabinets,metal shelfs,cast iron bath tubs,kitchen sinks,metal chairs

*Auto Items*
car batteries,doors,fenders,bumpers,

*Fitness equipment*
treadmills, weight benches,
free weights,bicycles, stationary bikes

*AC Items*
window units,out side units

*Misc. Metal Items*
metal barrels,tin,sheet metal,aluminum,copper,stainless

I gladly service these areas
New Caney,Porter,Splendora,Huffman
FREE of charge!

Please email or call for faster service.832-495-9070

*Please leave a message if I am unable to answer*
Thank You
JB the Junk Hauler

*Sorry I don't pick up tv's/microwaves* 

thankfulformyfour --- 9 years ago -

JB is awesome....he has come to pick up my old appliances many times. He is a very nice person and works very hard. You can't go wrong here! 

JB the Junk Hauler --- 9 years ago -

Thank You-thankfulformyfour 

JB the Junk Hauler --- 9 years ago -

bump :) 

I Kissed Frogs --- 9 years ago -

I have a leveling (scissor jack) from an RV and an old bike. Will you pick those up? 

rEVOLution --- 9 years ago -

JB, thanks again for being there to save us today. I'm sure Wanda feels the same way. Thank you for taking the time, gas money, and effort to help us out.

You rock buddy. 

JB the Junk Hauler --- 9 years ago -

bump :) 

SpottedPuppy --- 9 years ago -

Thanks so much for picking up my dishwasher this morning. And good luck with your "smart" phone! ;) 

a3200443uu --- 9 years ago -

JB drove 30 minutes out to my house to pick up 2 dryers *for free* for me. (Yes, he gets money for scrap, but I didn't have to pay the $150 fee to someone else.)

He called ahead and was there when he said he'd be. He's better than my cable guy and dishwasher repair guy on reliability! He was fast and courteous. Two thumbs up!

Thanks, JB!! 

DramaMama --- 9 years ago -

Same thing here. Showed up when he said he would, fast and courteous! Really nice guy! 

RW19 --- 9 years ago -

JB, you should drive around Sand Creek Tuesday and Friday nights. Wednesday and Saturday are trash days and just from what I saw this morning, there was a ton of stuff that you probably could've taken. 

AFWife --- 9 years ago -

JB is awesome!! He's been to my place a couple of times. I refer him to everyone I know. 

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