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sprinkler repair

who's talking here?

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deltasky --- 6 years ago -

Just had Curtis Mann....the rainman.....come out to do repairs on my sprinkler system. Very prompt, very courteous, very knowledgeable, and very reasonable. He fixed all my issues. I would recommend him for anyone that has a sprinkler problem. Phone contact 281-813-8014. I called Tays Sprinklers on Wednesday of this past week because he came highly recommended on this site and I still have not heard back from him. Just a return phone call letting me know he was too busy to take on a job would have been good customer service. Call Curtis won't be disappointed. 

JustLivin --- 6 years ago -

Second this post... He was awesome! And our grass/flowers are happy too! 

lovnlife --- 5 years ago -

I third this post, I called him today and came out and fixed my sprinkler system. It was a mess before I called him. 

MavMan --- 5 years ago -

He is the sprinkler savant, hands down. 

a6215067uu --- 1 years ago -

I just wanted to thank this forum for a great recommendation. It is hard to find good service people these days. I did a search on here for a sprinkler repair and called Curtis Mann based on this old thread.

He came out the next day and fixed my primary issue with the sprinkler system. Then he replaced some heads and fixed a couple of leaks.

All this was done with a very reasonable and fair charge. He is a good honest friendly guy and that is a rare find these days. 

*LOL* --- 1 years ago -

Thank you for the reviews- I need someone to come out and fix a leak and do a few adjustments.I called two other places and no one could come out for a week. One didn't even return my call. 

Saturn --- 1 years ago -

I've used Curtis several times and I've always been pleased.

He may not answer the phone the 1st time you call, but if you leave a message he's very good about calling back.

He knows irrigation systems and is very reasonable (price wise) for correcting whatever your problem may be. 

Zapper009 --- 1 years ago -

I would like to add John Leber to the list.

Very prompt, very knowledgeable,
self-taught and a great guy.

Have used him for 10 years...


mamadog53 --- 1 years ago -

Curtis Mann repaired our sprinkler system today. Took him less than a hour. Nice guy too. Will definitely use him again if needed. 

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