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Party Ideas for boys!

who's talking here?

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blmommy --- 10 years ago -

So we are pretty new to the area and are needing some good ideas for a party location for my boys (turning 8 and 3). We wanted to rent a big water slide but don't have big enough yard for it and don't know of a location that would supply the water! I was thinking maybe a pool party, but does Hunter's Ridge rent the pool or do you just show up to have a party and hope it's not crowded? Party will be August 11th. Any info will help. Thanks!! 

ghostpost --- 10 years ago -

this thread has a cute idea! 

PeopleRPeople --- 10 years ago -

Rising Sun MMA does birthday parties.

I also liked the Lego party idea that was posted on here today.

I know Jumpalooza does parties on the wknd as well. 

ghostpost --- 10 years ago -

game kraze party thread 

ghostpost --- 10 years ago -

As far as a pool party, most community pools are available after hours for private parties. You usually only have to pay for the life guards..a certain amount of life guards are required depending on the number of swimmers. Contact your village association for details. 

Ashley1640 --- 10 years ago -

What about Kids in Action? I know they do birthday parties and such. Old MacDonald's Farm? Chuckie Cheese?

OMG! The Antique Firehouse?! EEK! Haha. That would be SOO adorable for an 8 & 3 year old boys birthdays! 

kidsfan3 --- 10 years ago -

I had my oldest son's (20 now) birthday party at the Fire Museum in our hometown when he was about 7 or 8. I think it was the funnest birthday party we've ever had. The kids got to get on the old firetrucks, the museums mascot came and talked and visited with the kids and the kids were given a lesson on fire safety in a mock house (play house size). I brought in my own cake (decorated with fireman stuff) and gave each child a fireman's hat. I don't remember but I think I might have got them at Party City but they can probably be ordered from Oriental Trading. It really was a fun day for all. 

Work in Progress --- 10 years ago -

We are having a fireman party at the Antique Firehouse in Humble. I'll link to the site in a sec.

We went to check it out the other night, and my four year old sobbed when we had to leave. He kept whining, "I want to stay here fooooorrrreeeeeeevvvvveeeerrrr!!!!!!"

The have antique firetrucks that the kids can climb on and pretend to drive. They have a bouncy house that they set up, and they even have a working truck for taking the whole party on a ride! They have real fireman outfits for dress up, and plenty of firetruck toys to push around for the younger tots.

They even have a little store in front that sells all things firetrucks.

The Antique Firehouse

I thought that the place was really cute for parties, and my husband just enjoyed looking at the old trucks. I think he had a better time than my kids! 

ghostpost --- 10 years ago -

That is going to be a precious party, WIP. 

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