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MOVIES - Starplex???????????????????

who's talking here?

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scipsekatattes --- 8 years ago -

We are wanting to go see a movie at Starplex KW, but with all the power outages, wondering if they are even open? Also, they answer with their automated machine but can't get through to a human voice to find out details. Anyone know? 

Froggie --- 8 years ago -

Kiddos just came home from problem with power. Go enjoy!

= ] 

Tithe --- 8 years ago -

With this wind it's safer to stay at home to watch the movies. Django and Jack Reacher rock, Hobbit sux, aint cultured enough to click on Les Miserables... 

AFWife --- 8 years ago -

It's not Starplex anymore...Showbiz now 

Brittany's Mom --- 8 years ago -


scipsekatattes --- 8 years ago -

Yeah when I went to the website saw the new owner names Showbiz.

We decided not to do the movies. I have Killer Joe here and we're going to watch that.

BTEW Tithe.....Les Miserables is a WONDERFUL movie! I haven't seen this remake but the original and the second remake awesome. 

Tigers like Pepper --- 8 years ago -

Just watched Killer Joe. I will never look at a fried chicken leg the same way ever again. 

queenofclean --- 8 years ago -

We enjoyed the Hobbitt in 3D....can't wait for the next ones..... 

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