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Snow in Huntsville

who's talking here?

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~Songbird~ 1
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kidsfan3 --- 9 years ago -

Snow is being reported in Huntsville. That's mighty close...... :) 

~Songbird~ --- 9 years ago -


Smoochie and The Bean --- 9 years ago -

Well it better pack up it's bags and head over my house NOW 

blueherron4 --- 9 years ago -

My son lives in Dallas and he sent me a video of him walk around in his yard and it was snowing.And then of him going to the store and the snow on the road.Made me cold just looking at it. 

blueherron4 --- 9 years ago -

I wish that I knew how to download it so I could post it on here. 

Busy Mom --- 9 years ago -

I'm in Huntsville and no snow here, yet. It's really cold, though! 

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