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CHL renewal??

who's talking here?

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LiveFreeOrDie --- 5 years ago -

Who does local CHL renewals? 

Trekk --- 5 years ago -

The only one I'm familiar with is Carter's Country, but there are several places you can go.

There have been a few threads on KU recently about CHL classes that included the name and phone number of instructors.

Perhaps if you did a search for them, you could call them for a reference. They might even do it for you if they have a class coming up. 

BellaLaVie --- 5 years ago -

I just bought some .40 rounds for my trip, $45 for 50 HP rounds..ridiculous. Almost $1/round.

Walmart was almost cleared out of every kind of ammo. 

Pakratt --- 5 years ago -

Call Chase 832-233-7937 He is in New Caney. Very handy and quick. 

Laurabeth --- 5 years ago -

Very handy and quick.

Well...that coould be interesting... 

Reefrus --- 5 years ago -

Sportsmans Outlet on 1960 does renewals 

kjdaddie --- 5 years ago -

Call Chase 832-233-7937 He is in New Caney. Very handy and quick.

I agree with Pakratt, Chase is AWESOME! 

LiveFreeOrDie --- 5 years ago -

Thx I'll give him a call 

Pakratt --- 5 years ago -

We were there all day , But the class was interesting . time flew by. Renewal are half a day New CHL are 10 hours. 

~bigla~ --- 5 years ago -

I used and recommend:

Jason Page
TX DPS Certified Instructor

He will come to you or you can meet at his office. Private/group He kept the class moving. Very knowledgeable... 

~grandma again~ --- 5 years ago -

^^^^^^^^ ditto what she said. Extremely knowledgeable and i highly recommend Jason 

kjdaddie --- 5 years ago -

I spoke with Jason as well and he is very knowledgeable, however he's too busy to do private or semi private lessons on the weekends.

You can use Jason or Carter's Country if you want to sit in a class with 30 other people and listed to 10,000 stories. 

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