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Found white dog husky/german shephard

who's talking here?

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BigE --- 7 years ago -

Found a lost white dog looks to be about a 6 to 9 month old solid white dog, could be germanshephard/husky. Very friendly followed dw and dd from a walk by the greenbelts beside the apartments off woodland hills dr and the conveniant store circle k or whatever its called
our number is 2813891844
Live in south woodland hills 

maba77 --- 7 years ago -

There is a sign in Elm Grove at the corner of Rustling Elm at the Park..I believe it is Creek Shadows. It is for a lost white husky!!! There is also a picture of the dog on the flyer as well!! I hope that helps some!! 

BigE --- 7 years ago -

yep we went driving and saw that sign it is a different dog but thanks.. 

Beth --- 7 years ago -

on the kingwood yardsales under lost and found there are 2 huskys that are lost see picture there 

BigE --- 7 years ago -

bump no luck yet which is sad this is a fantastic dog and you can tell it's well taken care of. 

lolagirl --- 7 years ago -

A poster on also found a husky. She wants you to check with the vet near animal ark on north park. Apparently they have a sign there with info on a lost white husky. Let us know if it matches! 

BigE --- 7 years ago -

Ok found the owner of this guy. Apparently it is a white germanshephard
Thanks for all the help. we did get many calls from underground so thanks again. 

AngieKaye --- 6 years ago -

Bump for possible escape artist 

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