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To the Greedy "Single Mothers" Begging for Handouts:

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Jersey Girl 1

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Jersey Girl --- 5 years ago -

This is an open letter to the low-life scammers who think they should be handed the keys to my husband’s used truck (and everything else we’ve ever listed for re-sale) simply because they are “single mothers”:

We worked HARD for that truck and everything else we EARNED; we worked outside in the summer heat, in the winter cold, for hours upon hours; we gave up our evenings and weekends in between our full-time jobs and school to build our business through filth, injuries, sweat, calluses, and greasy clothing.

Just because you were unfortunate or foolish enough to get knocked up with a child and not have a husband around does not entitle you to the fruits of our labors, and we are not fooled by your ridiculous excuses, stories and outright lies about why we should hand over everything for which we have worked so hard and sacrificed so much. You may get a lot of stuff given to you by other people dumb enough to fall for your manipulative nonsense, but you're not getting ours; we'd rather BURN IT than give it away to someone like you.

This is exactly the kind of lazy, selfish attitude from people who think that everything is owed to them because of the lousy situations they find themselves in, that are often of their own poor decision making, that is killing our country.

For those of you who find my post offensive, too bad. For those who agree, thank you. 

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