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Home grown tomatoes...there wil not be a better time!

who's talking here?

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Farmer Bill --- 5 years ago -

This is the time! If you ae a serious tomato lover...the next month is all you will get...the best tomatoes on the planet...believe me..FARMER BILL 

NewNanna --- 5 years ago -

Do you do the Farmers Market on Thursday? 

blessed06 --- 5 years ago -

Where do I sign up?! 

I Love Reading --- 5 years ago -

We've been to see you twice in the last week. The tomatoes are delicious, and we're loving the other produce. It is worth the drive from Atascocita. 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 5 years ago -

I'll see you in the morning buddy! 

JAMS --- 5 years ago -

Homegrown certainly are the best!!!

My uncle has a massive garden and just showered me with Roma, cherry, and beefsteaks. We have cherry tomatoes growing here and they are delicious. 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 5 years ago -

Sounds good this AM. I'll be headed up your way in a bit. 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 5 years ago -

Had a great visit with Bill this morning out there. Loaded up on tomatoes and squash. Also picked up a watermelon and some of his good jellies and salsa. If you mix the just right salsa and his salsa Verde about 50/50 that is a perfect salsa. So therapeutic out there – it reminds me of being around my grandfathers garden. Great memories. 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 5 years ago -

The tomatoes are just awesome! A grocery store tomato doesn't even compare. 

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