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GREAT Siding Company Recommendations?

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NOLA --- 7 years ago -

We need to replace the siding on our house...any recommendations. We need to get rid of old masonite and would like to use Hardiplank.


msu2u --- 7 years ago -

We used Best Investments Siding (281-852-1866) a few months ago and had a very positive experience. 

NOLA --- 7 years ago -

Thank you! I have seen good write ups in the paper about this company. 

msu2u --- 7 years ago -

A few of our neighbors also used them, without complaints. The workers were very prompt, reliable, well-skilled and picked up the mess everyday before they left. 

tinman --- 7 years ago -

Be sure you have them install any window casings and corner moldings before installing the siding. That way, they can cut the siding right up to the casing or corner and then you have a very nice seam to caulk.

And yes...all seams should be caulked. 

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