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Sisney's Auto Service

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JRicky --- 7 years ago -

I am new to this site, and I have seen threads about Sisney's Auto on here, and I have to say that I had an entirely different experience than what I have read. I took my vehicle in to have it checked, it was making a horrible banging noise from the engine, and I was sure that my engine was done for, the owner Richard met me in the office after checking my car and low and behold, I had cracked my flywheel! I asked him how much for the repair and he gave me an estimate for the job with a new starter as well, because he told me that the flywheel sometimes makes the starter drive go bad also. I then checked the price for the job at other repair shops in the area, and his price was fair and reasonable. I approved the work and one of his employee's took me home. Later that afternoon I got a call that my vehicle was ready, and they picked me up and brought me back to the repair facility. Upon arrival, I was surprised to be informed that the starter was in good shape, so my balance was less than I was prepared for! I for one am a happy individual, and will continue to to business with this local repair facility. I am not sure what all of you guys are talking about so harshly, I was very pleased with my service. 

Notsofastskippy --- 7 years ago -


Did they show you the broken part(s)?
Did you get a Warranty for the repairs?

How did you get the car started to get there if the flywheel was broken? The starter has to engage the entire outer circumference of the flywheel to spin the motor for it to start.
If they really replaced the flywheel, that's the fastest replacement on record.
To replace a flywheel you have to separate the transmission & engine. This involves either disconnecting the motor mounts and moving the engine forward which precludes they would have to remove the radiator or at least the fan because most vehicles don't have enough room otherwise. The labor for this is at least 6 plus hours.
The other option is to disconnect the transmission and slide it backwards, even more difficult, because again, there is very limited space to do this. The labor this is again about 6 plus hours. (both of those estimates are based on ASME)
You may want to take the vehicle to someone and verify the work that was done, just for your own safety.
Many people have steered clear of Sidney's because of the several run-ins he's had with the law in the past years.
His reputation precedes him......

But then if your happy, it's your money and that's all that matters.... 

JRicky --- 7 years ago -

Thank you for your comment, and to answer your question, he returned my old flywheel to me which I requested before the work began. The car started fine, but it made loud banging noises once it was running, because the flywheel had a big crack in the middle of it. And I was shocked that I was able to get the car back so quickly as well, but I watched some youtube after the repair to see how it was done, and being that my car is rear wheel drive, you can move the transmission back after you get the drive shaft out of the way and get the bolts out, so although it is not a job I ever want to do, it looks to be not very complicated. He gave me a one year warranty on the service, which was stated on the bill. Again thank you for your comment, and I am happy with the service that I received, and the amount that I was charged for the service. I am not sure about all of his reputation, because I believe that it is fair and just to judge a person upon merit and action, not upon another persons opinion, simply upon how I am treated on an individual basis. I will continue to conduct myself in this manor because I believe that is the way that God wants us to treat our fellow human beings, not with anger and spite. Again, I thank you for your comment and concern, but I believe that I received a service at a fair price and I am happy that my car is no longer making all of that noise! Have a great Day! 

annsaidrelief --- 7 years ago -


It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 7 years ago -

They probably arrested him for no reason, no reason at all. Poor guy. 

karenact --- 7 years ago -

Are they even open and running? Is he still in jail? Just curious, 

Lord Cheezus DeSufferbus --- 7 years ago -

I hear you, JRicky.

Several years ago, I had the same kind of experience with these people on KU. I had the best investment advisor in the world, and all these people could do was bad-mouth and slander him. I never had a problem at all when I invested with Bernie Madoff, but these people talked about him like he was a common criminal. 

ms21882 --- 7 years ago -

The shop is still open, but they have removed the name "Sisney's" from the sign and building. It now just says "Automotive Repair". 

Dendrobate --- 7 years ago -

Are you a relative of theirs? I never get on ku and bad mouth anyone but I have to say they are crooks! They took us for $1600 and never did the work! If what you are saying is true consider yourself lucky but I think you are probably a relative or someone who works there. 

stayinalive --- 7 years ago -

JRicky You are lucky. Actually, I can't believe how lucky you are. I had a bad experience with them as did many others. 

nikmlec --- 7 years ago -

Szilveszter Matuska --- 3 days ago -

I hear you, JRicky.

Several years ago, I had the same kind of experience with these people on KU. I had the best investment advisor in the world, and all these people could do was bad-mouth and slander him. I never had a problem at all when I invested with Bernie Madoff, but these people talked about him like he was a common criminal. 

Szilveszter Matuska you are the smartest person on this whole freaking blog!!!! LOL!!!!

JRicky is a complete fake.... I think in may have even been a typo... "TRICKY"?!?!? LOL!!! No sane individual believes you creep. Richard is out of there... WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! 

Johnny Slam --- 7 years ago -

My hood is da Wood --- 6 years ago -

February 2015 update. Sisney has been arrested again. The Montgomery Sherrif isasking for your help.

"Sisney is due in court next month on those charges which he is currently out on bond for.

Prosecutor Rob Freyer is once again asking the public to come forward if they had any ill dealings with Sisney.

They are asking anyone who has been taken advantage of by Richard Sisney or Sisney Automotive to contact Montgomery County Sheriff?s Department Detective Neeley at 936-538-7736" 

trueginger68 --- 6 years ago -

I'm amazed at how in this century we still have witch hunts, and didnt we have some kind of law that we are innocent until proven guilty? are we in America? I suppose we all quit beliving in God and the bible and forgivness? oh wait.... yeah , we did didnt we? we went and took God out of our schools and everywhere else for that matter and now look at how we all hate and project just to make ourselves feel better about how ugly our sin looks, it looks better on that person than it looks on me...right? isnt that what we are doing projecting and hating. Lord i hope authorities dont get a hard on for you all one day and witch hunt you.... and by the way ive seen some people posting that they dont believe that the positive post are legitimate, has anyone considered where the negative post are coming from? hmmmm, just a thought.... hey! look out your sin is showing!!! 

GrandPoobah --- 6 years ago -

I'm not sure how posting fact and first hand experiences concerning this place of business is in any way commensurate with taking God out of schools and your distorted view concerning the fifth and fourteenth amendments.

In other words, quit hiding behind some perceived slight against God as your basis of believing that Sisney is being unfairly persecuted. Stating facts and citing first hand experiences isn't a sin. 

*LOL* --- 6 years ago -

How is something a witch hunt when law enforcement is involved and all of the legal rights of the accused are protected? Are people expected to remain silent and not warn others when they have been ripped off to keep from hurting your feelings?

On the other hand, I am always slightly amused when a friend or relative comes on here to try to rescue someone's muddy reputation by digging up numerous old threads about them.

You essentially accomplished exactly what you are protesting about..getting their name and crime back on the front page of the forum. Ha! Nothing like reminding everyone of what a crook your buddy is! 

*LOL* --- 6 years ago -


trueginger68 --- 6 years ago -

I expected this sort of response, I don't take it personally because I remember thinking along those lines as you all do. I wanted to make a simple point in being careful of how we judge others and how we should be innocent until proven guilty and that all, but really dont see how you cannot get the God removed from school and how it links to this.... I'll say good by with that said... maybe rethink it..... 

a741295uu --- 1 years ago -

He's back! Sisney is back - Same location, new name and phone number. Dig around on their FB Page and you will find the Sisney name..... Stay away from One Stop Auto Service!! 

CavemanBarney --- 1 years ago -

Oh No !!! 

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