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Baby squirrel

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CB --- 4 years ago -

We found a baby squirrel on our front porch this morning. Is there anyone or any place that will take it? Don't want it to be eaten! 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

Maybe Texas wildlife? They came out years ago when that happened to us with a baby possum... 

CraftyKWChic --- 4 years ago -

You can take it to Wildlife Center of Texas 

Dobby --- 4 years ago -

Call Deerbrook Animal hospital ay 281 4466383 and they can put you in touch with the squirrel rehabber in KW. 

AngieKaye --- 4 years ago -

contact atascozoo vet they will take and hand over to wild life preserve We took them an injured one after IKE and they healed it then gave to the preserve in Huntsville 

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