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who's talking here?

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bcassidy --- 4 years ago -

I have a goped for sale. It works flawlessly, new tires, new fuel lines, upgraded deck, expansion chamber, cable clamp, neoprene fuel tank cover. Just don't use it anymore. Call or text 281-217-6013 or 281-804-4954 for more information and pictures. Great to ride around the trails with!! 

Jpgirl --- 4 years ago -

Ummm you can't ride on the trails with that- no motorized vehicles allowed- that includes gopeds and golf carts!!! 

bcassidy --- 4 years ago -

ok, well, it's great to go get small stuff from the corner gas station. You don't have to use it to ride in the trails (obviously since you can't)...I was just trying to say that its a good little scooter to run around with. 

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