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Sisney got arrested again?

who's talking here?

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Barnstormer --- 5 years ago -

I thought he was being held on half a million dollars bond?

click here for article 

JHMO --- 5 years ago -

He was out on bond, his trial was to start soon. He had changed the name of his business from Sisney's to "Complete Auto Care". This arrest was stemming from someone that had come forward after MCSO asked for other victims to come out following his first arrest. This isn't something he had done since he's been out on bond, at least the way I understood. I think it's from like '10. 

My hood is da Wood --- 5 years ago -

February 2015 update. Sisney has been arrested again. The Montgomery Sherrif isasking for your help.

"Sisney is due in court next month on those charges which he is currently out on bond for.

Prosecutor Rob Freyer is once again asking the public to come forward if they had any ill dealings with Sisney.

They are asking anyone who has been taken advantage of by Richard Sisney or Sisney Automotive to contact Montgomery County Sheriff?s Department Detective Neeley at 936-538-7736" 

My hood is da Wood --- 5 years ago - 

Porterican --- 5 years ago -

Thank you for all seven updates this morning. 

My hood is da Wood --- 5 years ago -

I wanted anyone subscribing to any of the multiple trheads to see it since it has been a while.... You are welcome 

trueginger68 --- 5 years ago -

whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? are we living in america?...."if anyone is not guilty of sin let him be the first to cast a stone" 

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