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Alien Birthright Loophole

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MyOpinion --- 3 years ago -

US Senator Vitter from Louisiana is working to close the loophole on the law that allows full citizenship to those born in the US to illegal alien parents. Let you senators and congressmen know that you support this and urge them to work for this. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 3 years ago -

Alien Birthright Loophole the name of my Electric Light Orchestra tribute band. 

Dorothy Parker --- 3 years ago -

ABL plays ELO.

Nice. :) 

a889324uu --- 3 years ago -


Joe Blow --- 3 years ago -


jacobson --- 3 years ago -

I think that will happen someday. Hopefully soon. 

Joe Blow --- 3 years ago -

^^^says the alien thinker. LMFAO 

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