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Commissin Clark is in troble - don't give him $85 mil to send

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TruthBTold --- 3 years ago -

The road bond will pass sooner or later either with or without the Woodlands Parkway extension, but pct. 4 commissioner Clark shouldn't be part of it.
He hasn't been in office 6 months and the Attorney General already assigned special prosecutors to investigate him about doing something illegal connected with being commissioner. Ask Jim Clark. Ask the DA. You can ask campaign manager Dave Tyler too but he probably won't answer.
Jim will probably make up an excuse like he did about the IRS liens before he got elected. The ex-used car salesman sold the PAC a bunch of lies and made it sound like it wasn't big deal when it was huge and he lied about why it was happening too. He owes the IRS nearly $200,000 and it's not the reason he gave the PAC.
He also made a deal with them and then didn't keep up his end of it so now those liens are levies and his county check is a little less than $400 every 2 weeks now when his salary is over $100,000 a year. That's something to think about when somebody is making less than the people cleaning his office and he may be put in charge of $85,000,000 and that's just the road bond. If all of a sudden the IRS was taking almost all of your money and you had bills to pay it would be hard to resist a lot of temptation wouldn't it? He can't manage his own money. He shouldn't manage ours either.
This road bond will either pass May 9 or it will be changed to take out the woodlands part they're mad about and then it's going to pass in November. One way or another Jim Clark who's broke and may be going to jail will be in charge of a whole lot of money. 

itstxdaddy --- 3 years ago -



sunshine1881 --- 3 years ago -

God bless Montgomery County! 

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