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Kids in Forest Cove?????

who's talking here?

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Sayfreena1 --- 8 years ago -

Moving to Forest Cove with our ten year old daughter who is going into the fifth grade. Does anyone know of any girls this age living in the area? Fifth grader going to Foster? Dont see too many kids in the area !!!! Moving close to the Redbud -Walnut area.

Spunkin --- 8 years ago -

No offense, but it isn't a good idea to seek out kids on an anonymous chat room. Too many crazies in the world. 

Sayfreena1 --- 8 years ago -

I am just seeking out a few good parents that may have a daughter of similar age in the neighborhood. I wouldn't allow my daughter access to any parent/family that I haven't personally met/spent time with. But sadly, things have changed since I was a child growing up - and I lived in Forest Cove from 1977-1987. I know there are some great people in the Forest Cove area and am hoping we meet a family who just wants the best for their kids as well! 

Spunkin --- 8 years ago -

Good luck to you. You can never be too careful when it comes to kids. 

Max01 --- 8 years ago -

Kids are probably there just playing in their backyards. The cut through from Hamblin to Trailwood Village makes it a little dangerous for the kids to be playing on the front yards and riding bikes. 

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