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5th graders in FosterElem ?

who's talking here?

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Sayfreena1 --- 8 years ago -

I was inquiring about kids in Forest Cove, but would also love to know of fifth grade girls GOING TO FOSTER Elementary. Moving to Forest Cove with our ten year old and would love for her to find a few a friends before the Fall! Moving is never easy and Forest Cove is so spread out! 

lisapisabobisa --- 8 years ago -

I applaud you for trying to find friends for your daughter. Especially before school starts so she won't be so nervous. I wouldn't want to be that age again! My young son has been trying to find kids to play with in Trailwood and that has proved difficult. Perhaps a parent on here will reach out to you to set up a meet and greet. Lord knows we need to teach our kids to reach out to those in need. If I had a 10yo I certainly would encourage that. Good luck...your daughter is blessed to have you as her mommy! 

Sayfreena1 --- 8 years ago -

Thank you for the kind words! I think things are a little more difficult for kids today then when I was growing up in Forest Cove in the 80's! Foster is such a nice, small and diverse little school and I hope I can find a few friends to show her how great the area is! 

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