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1662KW --- 3 years ago -

Hi everyone,

Just want to warn all Kingwood and surrounding area residents about a man named Paul Reyes who is an electrician and works in this area. He is not licensed and used a master electrician named Bob Morris to pull a commercial permit illegally for a project. Reyes was hired to perform electrical services on a commercial project on 5/12 and was give $2050 dollars to start work. He claimed he was a licensed electrician. He was given plenty of time to perform his work and skipped out on meetings and with the money given as a down payment. He did not leave any material, or perform any work justifying the payment given. Bob Morris has closed the permit on this project. We are now taking legal action for theft, and fraud.

Please beware of these men. We did call references Reyes gave and checked out before hiring.

He is listed on under business 

a4484271uu --- 3 years ago -

I also had a very bad experience with Paul Reyes. He gave me a quote for a job and took a large deposit, then did not show up three times in a row after I waited all day. When he did show up he refused to do all the work he promised to do and since I could not be there he talked my friend who was waiting there for him to pay him the rest and "promised " to come back the next day and finish. He has never been back. I think that he is a huge crook. 

au5676 --- 3 years ago -

Add me to the list of unsatisfied customers. See my earlier post on KU. My issue with him is that he won't complete the job and only sets up multiple appointments to complete the task but never shows up. If you get him to come out DON'T PAY ANYTHING UNTIL THE JOB IS COMPLETE and make sure it is a job that can be completed in 1 day. If it takes more than 1 day then you run the very high risk he will never show up again. There are too many other reliable electricians out there to rely on Paul. 

Barnstormer --- 3 years ago -

File online with the Texas Attorney General under deceptive trade act. The legal costs and fines will be ten times more than what you lost, if they determine actual fraud. AG don't play around. 

Texvette --- 3 years ago -

There has been many, many complaints and concerns expressed about this individual just here on Kingwood Underground. Why would anyone take the risk of doing business with him ? 

1662KW --- 3 years ago -

Once I found out about his scam, I took to this site and to warn others. He's a scum bag ..lesson learned. I insist that people not use this guy! He's been sued. I'll keep everyone posted on what happens with the trail. We plan to do everything possible through the court system to get him to pay back the money stolen.
He lives in kinwgood. Apparently to open records at Kingwood lakes. He's on Facebook too. Feel free to warn others 

Zapper009 --- 3 years ago -

Why in the world would you prepay for any rehab job...just plain stupid...jmho 

1662KW --- 3 years ago -

Zapper he signed a contract ...I'm sure you've never had something happen to you ..don't judge and don't assume the above first. Or just don't comment. Stupid is a harsh word for something that happens to the best people in business. Moving on - 

Zapper009 --- 3 years ago -

Stupid is a harsh word for something that happens to the best people in business. Moving on -

Stoopid is a word used, when others have already been scammed - and you line up to be next...

Are you aware of the BBB and Angies List??? 

a4947438uu --- 3 years ago -

You know I have read all these comments and I am truly floored. I used Paul for my kitchen remodel, signed a contract, gave him 1/4 down and he showed up on time - every time. Finished my job as scheduled and came back and installed a ceiling fan on my back deck. But as we all know, things happen, people change. 

jgray --- 3 years ago -

I recently had a very expensive electrical issue come up that was not covered by my home warranty. Paul reyes gave me a quote. In the meantime i read the negative comments from one prior customer but chose to utilize reyes bros based on my impression of meeting him face to face. At this time all payments have been made and all work has been done to my satisfaction. Based on my experience paul is an honorable man 

TwickleToes --- 3 years ago -

You can report both to The Texas State Board of Electrical Contractors. They take selling out your license very seriously. 

1662KW --- 3 years ago -

We have reported both of them. Paper work has been submitted. Don't be surprised that he did not rip you off. There is also other complaints towards him. All in open records in Harris County

What he did was wrong and NOT of an honorable man ..really ? If you did that to someone , he will do it again. The legal case is ongoing. I'm sure he is laying low for now.
Check out for other similar experiences with local Kingwood residents. 

jl9026 --- 3 years ago -

For the people who say he is an Honorable man you are completely mistaken. He hires employees, explains they will get paid biweekly. and never comes up to pay them. He will hire them for jobs never pay them and never respond to them again. They have all been screwed on their hard earned money. Not only that. He has been run out of several cities around Harris County because of all the theft, fraud and the fact he is unlicensed. 'Reyes Bros." is a company of one person who just shows up and takes your money. Even his own Family has been screwed by him.
Don't support a man like that and most importantly, don't put yourself at risk of losing money or having a bad job done. 

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