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who's talking here?

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a4484271uu --- 3 years ago -

I also had a very bad experience with Paul Reyes. He gave me a quote for a job and took a large deposit, then did not show up three times in a row after I waited all day. When he did show up he refused to do all the work he promised to do and since I could not be there he talked my friend who was waiting there for him to pay him the rest and "promised " to come back the next day and finish. He has never been back. I think that he is a huge crook. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 3 years ago -

How many threads are you going to start about this guy? 

au5676 --- 3 years ago -

Add me to the list of terrible experiences. He started a job at my home and then promised to come back the next day to complete. That was over 2 months ago after repeated phone calls and text messages, most of which would go unanswered, he would schedule a appointment and then never show up or contact at all. This happened close to 10 times and whenever he gave an excuse it was I was involved in an accident (two different trucks??), he was stuck in a different part of town and could not get away, stuck due to high water (when there was absolutely none), etc. This is when he would actually respond after missing an appointment. Most times he would never respond. The one time he did come back he walked in looked at what was left to be done and left 10 minutes later saying he had to get more parts and would be right back. He never returned. Mind you it was just relocated 2 outlets. What electrician does not carry 2 outlets and some wire in their truck. The one time I did post on KU he called within 5 minutes and was very apologetic and promised to finished the drop and explained "how he takes pride in his work and no one else does....". He is a pleasant person and if you have a small job that can be completed in a day then he may be fine. But be warned DON'T PAY HIM UNTIL HE IS DONE WITH THE PROJECT. If you don't you too will be chasing him and he will never return. 

Barnstormer --- 3 years ago -

If you have to pay for any services up front, it's a red flag for me. 

1662KW --- 3 years ago -

Read all the threads about Paul Reyes the scum bag ! I'll keep posting as many times As possible to get him out kingwood and out of business.

He's being sued ..and has been reported to the attorney general. 

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