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2 list dogs in Forest Cove!

who's talking here?

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sheltielover --- 8 years ago -

American Bulldog and mixed black tan and white Both males. Been running for a bit.

Headed into Trailwood and the bayou. I had no place to hold them.

Have collars but no tags!!! 

Sayfreena1 --- 8 years ago -

My son who lives in Forest Cove is trying to find their owner. They are safe and fed right now but would love to have any information to whom they belong! ANY information is helpful ! Found Saturday! 

Sayfreena1 --- 8 years ago -

They were picked up in Trailwood after almost getting hit by a car! Need to find the home of these poor buddies ..... 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 8 years ago -

God bless you for taking them in! 

jucova --- 8 years ago -

There are some other websites that you can post:

Were they checked for microchip?
Thank you for helping them! 

a845652uu --- 8 years ago -


a845652uu --- 8 years ago -

I don't understand why every animal doesn't have a collar and tags. This is not rocket science! 

Veronica --- 8 years ago -

I don't understand why people aren't desperately looking for their dogs. Most we get only found dogs posted. 

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