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Laura FRench - Hair stylist in front of Kingwood TGS

who's talking here?

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sarabelle --- 7 years ago -

I found out yesterday that Laura French, an excellent hair stylist at the TGF in teh front of Kingwood near Randalls is no longer working there. Do any of you in the KW Underground know where she went to work? Otherwise can you recommend anyone else totally fantastic in the KW area. Thanks, 

Alter --- 7 years ago -

I'll be your huckleberry. I'll cut your hair. 

Loveday --- 7 years ago -

I just found out too. :( I hope all is well in her world!

I'd love to know where she went. I'm not ready to move on to another stylist yet. :( 

sarabelle --- 7 years ago -

I agree, I have been happy working with Laura. I have contacted a few salons in the area but not yet located her. TGF said she moved back to the Midwest but I don't believe that is true. If you hear from her let me know and I will do the same for you. 

Bubbles --- 7 years ago -

I know her mom and this is what she told me:

Her Grandpa died, and Regis (TGF's corporation) gave her such a hassle about attending the funeral that she quit. She isn't working anywhere currently, and plans to travel with her husband. 

sarabelle --- 7 years ago -

I have a feeling she will be back soon and work independently If you hear anything Bubbles / Loveday let me know. I will post if I hear anything as well. 

Bubbles --- 7 years ago -

Will do. 

sarabelle --- 7 years ago -

Hi Bubbles, have you heard any news from Laura's mom yet. Thanks, 

Jpatrickhenry --- 7 years ago -

Hey, I was wondering if there is any new news of Laura, I need a cut so bad!! 

sarabelle --- 7 years ago -

I have not heard anything, I thought she would have turned up by now. If you heard anything please let me know. 

Suzanna43 --- 7 years ago -

I just found out yesterday also! I actually posted on here needing suggestions for a new stylist. I was told also she's not going to do hair anymore. I'm devastated! She has done my hair for years. BTW, her last name is Ludden now. If anyone has any suggestions for someone else let me know. 

sarabelle --- 7 years ago -

Suzanna, thanks for the update. I am really surprised she is not doing hair anymore. If anything I thought she would open her own business. Thanks again! Renee 

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