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Found - Prescription eyeglasses

who's talking here?

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dperry324 --- 3 years ago -

I woke up this morning to find some prescription eye glasses in my driveway. They are small and look like they could belong to a child. I'm sure some trick or treaters may have dropped them. They are in good condition.

They were found on Twin Knolls Dr, off of Bassingham in the elm grove district.

If your child lost their glasses, or if you know of a family whose child lost their glasses, please call, or give them this number.

They are very distinctive and can be easily described. Please call 281-785-9892. I will return them to the first person who can describe them properly. 

FANCY PANTS --- 3 years ago -


Eliza2 --- 3 years ago -


Miss Understanding --- 3 years ago -

bump is this a different pair than the other? 

Leila --- 3 years ago -

You might notify Elm Grove school since they could possibly belong to one of their students. 

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