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Need to borrow a Nice Kitchen for less than 1 hour to shoot a video.

who's talking here?

HeavenMadeProducts 2

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HeavenMadeProducts --- 3 years ago -

We are in need of a nice kitchen with an Island for a nice background in it to shoot a 3 minuet video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We are trying to raise money to start a company that will offer the best fundraiser ever that will help children all over the USA starting in Texas in this immediate area and in Louisiana. Visit and watch the video by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

We will be offering the best fundraiser ever by paying a residual income each month after the initial fundraiser is over to all schools, teams, churches, organizations etc. I can explain in greater detail if you would like to know more about the fundraiser.

PM me or call me.

Michael Pitre

HeavenMadeProducts --- 3 years ago -

If any of you looking at this post knows of a person who has a nice kitchen with an island please contact them and have them watch the video. Our company will help many schools that have undergone budget cuts and or do not have funds to purchase equipment or supplies they need. Your help is greatly appreciated.


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