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Beautiful cattle dog needs help!

who's talking here?

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sheltielover --- 4 years ago -

He/She is in the Chestnut Ridge & Kingwood drive area. Very frightened. Have seen it around for at least 4 days.

Please share with friends & neighbors and rescue groups. 

a3529387uu --- 4 years ago -


ebegirl --- 4 years ago -

I just saw him/her too...median of kingwood drive across from apartments. Poor baby, is there a rescue who can come get it? 

mamadog53 --- 4 years ago -

Maybe someone with Twyla's or Texas Cattle Dog Rescue could help. I've got an ACD myself and love the breed but I'm still recovering from the stomach virus and can't physically do it at this time. 

sheltielover --- 4 years ago -

A group of us on Lost and Found HKA are trying to find it. Haven't seen it in a couple of days.

We have a rescue who will take it and a person who can trap it....if we can find out where it stays and set up some food. 

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