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Exterminator Kingwood....

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in KW after all these years 2

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in KW after all these years --- 7 years ago -

Just found out rodent(s) have been in our garage and chewed up hoses and wires in our car. Can someone recommend a good , fair priced exterminator? Or is this something we can take care of ourselves? We found the remains of rodent..rat? Dodo and pieces of the black plastic they chewed on the garage floor...we did not see any rodents when we were cleaning up ....but they must be somewhere out there 

Tera --- 7 years ago -

My inlaws had same problem. It cost thousand in repairs on their truck. We had rats in our house recently. They are smart, and hard to catch but we did it ourselves. We bought mouse traps, and had to set them where they'd go off easily. At first we were setting them and the rats would come lick the peanut butter off of them and not set it off. Finally, my husband would set them where if anything barely touched them they'd go off. After we figured that out we caught 3 in a week and never saw them again. We have tons of traps leftover you are welcome to have. Good luck 

in KW after all these years --- 7 years ago -

Thanks so much for the info, Tera. The car is at the shop far they found wire that goes to the as compressor ...hoses and a cap chewed off something....praying that's all that's son went to ace hardware and got a trap..says enough bait to kill 10 of them...from what you said it makes me wonder if that works anyway...ace told him that is the only kind they can sell now ..kid proof...we don't have any kids ..a cat and dog in the house...I am hoping they ate in the garage only...thank you for offering your extra traps. I would love to have them, especially if they are not selling them anymore. We live in elm want to send me a private message or email? thanks so much 

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